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She'll never love you

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Let's say you understand all this but you really want to have children. Well, all I can say is to go into it with your eyes wide open and think of it like a business relationship, because women understand marriage and family as a business relationship.

Understand what you're getting into and what you're trading for it. Ask yourself if this is a rational and logical decision or if you're being controlled by your more primitive instincts and impulses.

The primitive parts of our male brain are just to make terrible deals in this arena, which is ironic because men tend to be much better businessmen outside of sexual relationships. Men are willing to put everything on the line in order to have sexual access to an attractive young female.

But if you rationally evaluate this the reward is minus in relation to the cost, but it doesn't matter. The lizard brain is taken over. "Reproduce!" says the lizard brain. "It will make you happy" says the limbic system, meanwhile half of marriages end in divorce and men are often destroyed and commit suicide.
即便你经过冷静地的利弊分析后认为与女人的长期关系是不划算的,也没什么卵用。蜥蜴脑仍会占支配地位。”赶快去播种!” 蜥蜴脑命令道。“这会让你爽歪歪” 哺乳脑跟着随声附和。然而现实却是近乎一半的婚姻以离异收场,而男人通常成为最终的受害者,更有甚者选择一死了之。


Men, it's time to stop thinking with your dick and to stop being a slave to your primitive reproductive urges and personally evolved. If you understand and agree with everything I've said, it's still incredibly hard to overcome your primitive instincts.

In the book and movie adaptation of Frank Herbert's dune, Paul Atreides meets the Gom Jabbar to have his humanity tested. He is forced to put his hand in a box appropriately called the pain box that causes him to experience the pain of his skin blistering and burning off of his bones, if he pulls his hand out of the box as per his instincts he will be killed by a poison needle held to his neck.

In order to prove his humanity, he must resist his instincts and endure the pain. After he passes the test he removes his hand and there was no physical damage, it was all in his mind.

Resisting and ultimately transcending your biological urges requires extreme discipline. While someone on a diet may resist the urge to overeat, the reproductive urge is stronger than that of survival. Animals including humans will literally kill themselves to reproduce. It's that strong.

Thankfully there are ways you can make this easier on yourself by satiating your urges in other ways. Women offer men essentially three things: sex, companionship, and children. If you want these things but want to limit your risks, here are some tips.

Sexis easy to find, but although casual sex is far less risky than marriage, it's not risk-free. you can still catch a disease or get a girl pregnant. It is safer if you simply turn to porn and get the poison out yourself.

Now anyone will tell you that porn doesn't feel the same, but technology is changing that. We have realistically feeling sex toys and virtual reality porn. In Japan they're making robots that can simulate sex. There's a lot of demand for this technology. And although society may attempt to shame men who choose this path, when you consider the divorce and suicide rates, who's the real loser?

What about companionship? Well again you have several options. The first is technology. Again, Japan isn't just the home of sex robots and porn but they also have an entire industry built on dating and relationship simulation games.

If you want companionship without requiring technology, just get a dog. A dog is called man's best friend for a reason. A dog will be loyal and loving to you to the bitter end without any of the baggage of bullshit that women bring.

if you just want someone to come home to that will smile and be happy to see you and that will give you love and affection without manipulation, get a dog.

If you're not a pet person, then look for other mgtow in form of close circle of friends. Humans are social animals and men need companionship.

The last thing is children. If you want children bad enough, you have to make a business decision with your eyes wide open and understand that you're walking into a minefield.

A better option would be surrogacy or to become an anonymous sperm-donor if you simply want to propagate your genes. Studies have shown that a mother and a father provide the best environment for children, and although it's difficult to achieve this as a MGTOW, it's not impossible. You can hire the surrogate mother or a different woman to help you raise the child.

Just be careful about laws that might be used against you, such as common-law marriage when you can be legally declared married by the state because you have a woman living in your house. The state can also simply throw at any contracts you have with a surrogate mother, give custody of your children to her and make you pay child support.

Courts are known to avoid legal contracts, such as prenuptial agreements in order to favor women, so it might be safer simply to have no contact with the biological surrogate mother simply to protect yourself.

You really have to ask yourself if you're willing to take these kinds of risks even in a controlled way simply to create smaller versions of yourself.

Well that's the end of this article, I hope you found it helpful in some way.



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